Saturday, October 21, 2017

SPIRIT OF THE WILD (Living Wild and Almost Free) Sunday's Whirligig --We Jump for the Sake of Jumping/The Sunday Whirl -- Poets United Poets Pantry

Sunday's Whirligig    

SPIRIT OF THE WILD (Living Wild and Almost Free)

to live in an untamed world    a dream                             a world where constellations

determine character             unfortunately                       we are naked folk without fur

and have forgotten               the spirit of the wild             we fear the jungle    

the forest                                all natural places                   soon the temperature will drop     

snow will fall              the landscape transformed              winter will come


the people without fur freeze    i leave the dream              return to my warm house 
the fragrance of pinion         burning in the kiva               cinnamon and spice

tangle in the air                     in my dream                          the untamed world

a park                         like the stories of eden                     what is needed is provided

on tv                                       there is a program                 called survivor


the untamed world               where bugs bite                   is not for me                           

i leave it to the                   ones who dwell there              naturally

for all my grumbling             i have no desire                   to live there   

so i remain                             safe in my house                 warmed by the fire

in my almost tamed world   led by a nonsensical orange man    still i dream

October 21, 2017  


The Sunday Whirl


still, early          the sun rises above the mountains                   the light begins 

shadows left from the night      linger                                       soon the light spreads

like water                                 reaching out                           encompassing the whole world              

still, we live in darkness            the route we travel                   is not clearly marked

we are confused                       we think our challenges            are our own

individual possessions              we create a world                      of pretense and denial

it is our drug of choice             we wail and moan                    we fail to see                           

the possibilities                         teeming before us                     like the frog    

we jump for the sake of jumping    "gar hump, gar hump"        we are shocked


when the mist clears                 we awake                                 we fumble for our map           

our compass                             we were told                            and yet, we say

it is not as i thought                  we close our fists                      vowing never to let go

try to hang on                           but in the end                           death comes to all

October 22, 2017                               





Thursday, October 19, 2017

Leaving Traces in my Wake/dVerse

Leaving Traces 

My path is a mystery
Around me swirl the winds of change
There are signs of danger ahead
I continue to travel
The road given
I lift each foot
Place it on the path
Leaving traces in my wake
I live on the fringe
Look to the stars for inspiration

October 8, 2017
Abstracted poem

We Leave Traces in Our Wake

my path is a mystery                 i don’t know                and know that i do not know

the winds of change                 swirl around me           a storm on the horizon            

there are signs of danger ahead             we each struggle           to know                      

to understand                           …and yet…                 we continue to travel               

the road we are given               we lift each foot           and place it on the path

leaving traces                           in our wake                  we list the possibilities             

we live on the fringe                our power is limited     we look to the stars for inspirations     

October 8, 2017  

Note:  I am working on a collection of abstracted poems.  Leaving Traces is an abstracted poem, taken from. We Leave Traces in Our Wake.  I am simplifying the poem and am trying to keep the original thought.