Thursday, May 24, 2018



The words gather       
                                    My skin wrinkled
                                    Yet I feel young
Just off stage
                                    I don’t remember the years
                                    That passed by
Out of sight                 
                                    Perhaps we waved from afar
                                    As we crossed paths
Knowing each is perfect
                                    On my last birthday
                                    I celebrated all 77
For the job required
                                    There has to be something
                                    A token, a memory…or skin
They tremble in their knowing
                                    Where we have been
                                    And for how long
Like children in a school play
                                    We walked this long and winding road
                                    The unexpected happens
Twittering laughter whispered
                                    Memories created
                                    Stored in a box
The curtain holds their secret
                                    Unimportant ones
                                    And precious ones
When called    
                                    So tender they can’t be touched
                                    Produce tears if you dare
Each will appear
                                    All wrapped in the skin
That holds me together
To be weighted and measured
                                    The outside wall of my being
                                    The ideas that run ahead
Tried on for size
                                    Secreted in the protective skin
                                    That is me

May 24, 2018
 Paul asked us to write a contrapuntal poem.  

In terms of poetry composition, the contrapuntal relies on both poems working as distinct entities as well as in conversation with each other. The third poem that emerges is one that results from the movement back and forth between the two poems.
It took a few drafts to realize that this poem was a contrapuntal, that there were multiple tensions trying to resolve. I wanted to write a poem that could contain the individual emotions I felt that night. "Aubade Ending with the Death of a Mosquito" was written in the intersection of many borders: in a waiting room poised in the present moment, waiting to dive back into the history of the past so that I could write what I learned into the future.
You can take two of your own poems and combine them to create a third or write two new poems to create a contrapuntal.


ISSA/Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads


We agreed 
There would be no more cats
After Beau

Beau was the most “everything”
A pet could be
A regular little gentleman
We loved him dearly
And he loved us the same

He did have some close brushes
With the Grim Reaper
But most of his days
Were healthy

He liked to drink water out of a glass
With ice cubes
He only played with his toys at night
When we were sleeping

We thought
He thought, 
It was too undignified

To be seen playing with toys

He lost an eye in an accident
We never knew for sure
Exactly what happened
He was no less 
For the loss

In the morning his toys would be 
Scattered all over the floor
He lived to be 18 years old
And when the time came
He seemed to know
And told us it was OK

A year passed
The house lonely
And quiet
Dawn brought us a picture
And said this kitten
Was at the shelter

I went to see him
We named him Issa
After the Japanese poet
He has filled our house
And our hearts

He is an athlete
Agile and strong
Full of life
And knows his own games

He loves to play 
Hide and Seek
And he stands up
Spreads his arms
And tries to catch us

He helps out in the studio

He is the kind of guy 
With something up his sleeves

He has kitchen skills

He has grown to be a fine gentleman himself
He doesn’t write poetry too often
But is a poem himself
He often speaks of the fullness of life
As only kitties can do

May 24, 2018

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A TRIBUTE POEM/Poets United -- Midweek Motif/A Tribute Poem


Who are those 
Who have walked with me
Pointed out the pitfalls
And the potholes
Taught me what I needed to know

My Mom and Dad, early teachers
My Grandparents
My Aunts and Uncles
My Husband, my touchstone
My Son, my love
My family, my own

As a child
I thought the old tree
In the front yard
Would always be there
Like my family

Before you know it
The actors leave the stage
One by one
And soon you are the only
One left in the theater

You tell me illness or disease
Has been diagnosed
You say, We are afraid
You say, Where can we hide
You say, Where can we find safety
I answer, Life is full of the unexpected
…And death

This is the way it is
And there will be no changing it
There is no better plan for us
So we live life in this moment
There is nothing else

May 23, 2018

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

HAPPY BIRTHDAY/Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads


Today is your birthday
Do you remember
You always asked for chocolate cake
How many candles will it be

I look into the clear blue of the sky
Early morning clouds grey
White puffy clouds 
Low on the horizon

Just above the mountains
They  appear to be celebrating
Your birthday
There is a sky-party going on

Each year I celebrate you
Today I will burn a candle 
I would like to think 
You are celebrating too

May 22, 2018

Monday, May 21, 2018



My clouds dark
Thunder echoes across the mesa
Four drops on my window
It has been many days
Since it last rained

I wonder 
What will summer bring
Will it rain
As it has in the past
Or will summer be hot and dry

May 21, 2018

Sunday, May 20, 2018

THE GAME OF HEARTS/The Sunday Whirl -- Poets United


A game of hearts 
Who will win
The whole family loved to play
Challenges with loud voices
Animated laughter all around
Young and old alike

I looked for the eagles yesterday
Even though I knew they were not there
They come at another time of year
It is food they seek in the canyon

When playing the game of hearts
The game can start in the bar
Two eyes meet across the room
You will not have to wait long

Did I tell you I collect hearts
Love their shape
Love what they represent
They remind me of you

When the check comes
He will pay 
You are the queen
Lady luck is with you
You will not have to cheat
When you hold the highest card
You win

May 20, 2018

Wordle #352

Bar, check, wait, loud, animated, laugh, drunk, queen, eagles, family, win, hearts

Friday, May 18, 2018



If I could write something new
Something I do not know
Where to find the words 
What is to be said

So I will write of honeysuckle, too
The sweet scent that fills the night
The city lights 
The windows rolled down
There was nothing I could do
No way to stop what was

May 18, 2018